From Golden State to 19th-century backwater


Imagine a state that considers itself progressive, cutting edge, the envy of the world. Imagine a state with the globe's fifth largest economy. Imagine a state, population 37 million, with more wealthy people than practically any other spot on earth....

Now imagine that state so cash-strapped, because of decades of anti-tax revolts and irresponsible, unfunded, spending mandates, that it can't pay even its basic bills and is hoping to sell off prized public lands and buildings to plug just a tiny fraction of its deficit.

Welcome to California....


To use words like "counter-productive", or "short-sighted" to describe these cuts doesn't begin to do justice to the scale of the disaster being mapped out in Sacramento. The state is essentially going to step back into the 19th century and watch while millions fall into destitution, while illnesses go untreated, while school services are decimated....

Can anyone think of a few likely consequences down the road? Well, how about rising crime, epidemics, increased illiteracy rates, the spreading presence of shanty towns, increased gang violence as the informal economy fills the vacuum left by these state rollbacks.


New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently wrote that California is becoming a banana republic. That's probably being charitable....

At last! Libertarians will get a tongue-tip taste of their paradise! ;\)


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