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In my teens, I used to usher at the Bowl

Fancy that ! When I was a teenager, I also ushered at the Hollywood Bowl, so that I could listen to live classical music for free !

We are much more alike than you think, Sandune. Doesn't it just drive you crazy? · · · wink

Once I was especially looking forward to hearing Igor Stravinsky himself conduct the Firebird Suite. It was, and is, one of my favorite pieces of modern music---in it, I hear the whole sweep of human history from earliest times to its yet unaccomplished transcendence and transfiguration.

Imagine my disappointment when Stravinsky gave a remarkably poor and uninspiring performance of his great work !

It just goes to show that a composer is not necessarily the best performer of his own work---nor a poet the best interpreter and reader of his own poetry !
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