The view from Germany.

Where Nonsense Becomes Truth

The Republican primaries are proving that many Americans live in a bizarre world....They're calling Mitt Romney a “moderate” again. He's middle of the road — a centrist. If the rest are all zombies, then Dracula wins the beauty contest....
It looks like all the various arch- and neoconservative, libertarian, evangelical and chauvinistic elements in the United States are coalescing into a new cosmos of extremists....

The cultural warriors of conservatism see the world thus: Health insurance for everyone is socialism. The right to have an abortion is mass murder. Environmental protection is dictatorship. Climate change is all a lie. But of course the military is sacrosanct, and the right to private weapons ownership is inviolable....
They wallow in a torrent of nonsense, in a fiery, hyper-patriotic, ultra-bizarre idiocy....The entire spectrum there is skewed to the right. It's a nation of people who dwell in a completely different reality. And they rant and they rave.

Of course, I take a much more moderate view of the American scene.
For instance, I would never call American politics "ultra-bizarre idiocy." I think it is no more than plain old "bizarre idiocy."
The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools -- Herbert Spencer