Sadly Newman, this whole election nonsense comes down to the individual rights not of gays, racial minorities but of women.

I cannot think of a more stressful subject than how to enjoy a man's company; in my case, it was my husband and not some dude picked up at the beach. I did not start out being promiscuous at 14 like the girls are doing today. But the last thing in my mind was getting into trouble.

It was a time before birth control was secured. I was clever enough to discourage this action but after I was married, the fight was on! I learned that I no longer had a choice and after one painful miscarriage and two babies I was finished.

I had an doctor who I drove crazy with questions about hows not to get pregnant! I won't go into details but I pleaded with him to find a doctor who would sterilize me once and for all. I knew I would age prematurely and gain weight from added hormones. I might have been able to do this but it would take my husband's consent. He refused to give it.

I solved the problem and closed up shop and my husband took off with his secretary and promptly got her into trouble. After my divorce, birth control pills were possible and I started taking them. It was too late for my family to be saved.

This is where American women are now returning under these social conservative Republican candidates.....All of them! They want to make all women pay for the label of promiscuous females.

If anyone here has a problem with this, all they have to do is keep their pants zipped.

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