The farmer's wife was clearly upset with the news from the doctor, pregnant
for the ninth time in as many years.
"Whut kin ah do doc, I cain't keep him off me!"

Several months later a healthy boy was delivered and scarcely another week went by when the farmer's wife was back in the office, determined that she would not get knocked up again.

The old country doctor thought for a spell, then said, "you tell your husband that you have a serious foot condition which requires that you put your feet in a ten gallon crock for the entire night, every night till I specify otherwise."

Six months later the wife was back, again obviously pregnant for the tenth time. "What the hell happened", demanded the doc, "didn't I tell you about that ten gallon crock?"

"We din't have no ten gallon crock so I had to use two five gallon crocks instead."
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