For years Santorum has stated over and over that blocking any form of reproduction is bad for America. The religious right is now banning all forms of sterilization. It removed my membership in the GOP. Back in the early 50s women who worked in the jobs that men did was a big problem and many of us had to write up our list of how to take on the unwanted hands and the assaults in the elevators. If we worked after dark, we asked a Hughes Aircraft guard to walk us to our cars. Many of us wrote up the new rules for single women employees before they headed for their jobs.

It was obvious that men were pigs and sadly it took legislation to control their actions. Before we were married, my husband showed good respect until I signed the marriage certificate. That ended the respect and the beginning of blaming Eve for everything.

The Neanderthal gene is not far from the surface and women had to take their birth control for their own survival. I hated putting this crap in my body as it is unnatural. But another birth would have been unthinkable. My husband left a lot of children without any moral support or even financial support. My kids were the only ones who made it through college because I wanted it and he didn't.

I am one of millions of women who had to fight like hell to stop this breeding frenzy that came from the churches. It is another reason beautiful women like my mother married a gay man. The most attractive and successful men in the Palm Springs area are the gay ones. The old single slobs are church goers, uninterested in health issues and will bore the hell out of cats. I'm not even certain they bathe enough and there is no swing in their steps. They wander around looking for some woman who will iron their clothes and cook for them. Half of them could not perform if they had to.

I have a great social life and am involved in the music, theater, art shows and the promotion of the YMCA sports groups.

I regret that many here cannot understand the seriousness of birth control. It has an ugly sound but then so does flood control.
AKA Sandy Price