NW Ponderer. You are absolutely correct about the GOP. I compare Santorum with Huckabee and although they speak the same language I could tolerate Huckabee in the White House. Huckabee is a lover of humanity and I would trust him in any condition of the White House. The GOP groups around here are angry and often quote Rush which shows me they have no real tribute to rights for anyone.

We must remember that it was Bush 43 that opened the election to the followers of Pat Robertson and there is no level of evil they will not tap into for a win. I fear the crusade is on for their once-in-a-lifetime chance at a Christian America. Huckabee would never approve of this. I also have an enormous respect for Rev. Al Sharpton who has all his marbles placed well and equally for all of us. I too will go Democratic Party all the way. I believe my grandfather would do the same thing. My grandfather was my early childhood trainer and I adored him. He taught me how to talk to the sea lions.

I heard Bob Reich speak on some show last night. A friend of mine gave him a fund raiser in her home in the Berkshires and she was pleased with the results. She knew I had done this for Reagan and I told her to relax and leave it up to Bob Reich. He is happily working at UC Berkeley and it fits him well. "Go Bears" is our family shout. My best friend's grandson is in his first year at University of Washington and loves it! He is a skier and fits into the world of the North West like a glove.
AKA Sandy Price