Sandy the difference is, if and when the Democratic Party DOES manage a full sweep, folks like myself will be after them with those much ballyhooed pitchforks, axes and torches to put the Fear of God in them lest they attempt another weak kneed prostration before their corporate pimps.

Republicans love to pretend that liberals want to silence them.
No such thing has happened in THIRTY FRIGGIN YEARS.
Nope, I want to hear the kind of lunacy that spews from people
like Santorum.

Yeah, I admit that my reaction usually goes something like:


But hey, it's cathartic and at least I know what they're thinking.
If they were to be silenced it would be the dumbest mistake liberals could make because it is folly to think they would stop planning and scheming
just because the liberal majority had stopped listening.

Nope, I want them close and closer, and very audible.
I WANT to know what they have to say.
"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD