How I spent my weekend

The Line

The stakes are not high, but the prize is a ton!
Just imagine the things you could do if you won –
A vacation to Disney – for a month, if not two
Two or three cars, not used ones, but new
A condo in Aspen, I’d bet that’d seem cheap
A place on the ticket, probably as Veep…
A Governorship, the Senate…, or House, if you’re slummin’
A dozen Les Pauls, just for sittin’ ‘round strummin’
Or maybe… a plane, or a few, or a yacht
You could buy a zoo! Or, on second thought, not
Or something more practical, like somewhere to stay
Out of sight, quite secluded, and far, far away
With an arsenal that would make even bad Harry’s day
Best keep the change in your pocket, where it might do some good
Leave the line in which – for an hour – you’ve stood
And think of more practical uses for things you have got
Instead of daydreams that engender greedmaking thought
That is brought on by just one Mega payday
But, instead, I part with a bit of my pay
And head home with just a small sliver of hope
Knowing I’ll lose, but a happier dope

(c) Remember you read it here first coffee
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