Most people are too stupid and unaware to understand the vast, deleterious effects of the wholesale, unplanned transportation of animals and plants from one continent to another.
Consider Australia, which is a broken ruin of the natural wonderland it once was.
Australian Ecology
...ever since Australia broke away from the Antarctic it has been wet, with extensive marshes and wide floodplains.
This is despite always having had little rainfall....
In these unique conditions, plants evolved to manage the available water.
How did they do it? By minimising both evaporation and run-off to the sea.
Working in consort, a functional trilogy of plant types - trees, grasses and weeds - evolved to reshape the landscape, manage soil fertility and surface salinity, and maximise biodiversity....
Then people arrived.
Unable to understand how the unique Australian ecology worked, they took to burning to assist hunting and imported hard-hoofed animals to be grazed.
The land deteriorated, almost from day one....
In recent decades the deterioration has progressed continent-wide, and is now crippling productivity....
Australia "wet, with extensive marshes and wide floodplains"? Yes, such a wonder existed -- before humans thrust their destructive paws into the continent.
Australia once had a biological community that was unique in the world. It was covered, continent wide, with a wonderful, soft carpet of grasses, mosses, lichen and liverworts that conserved moisture and would have been delightful to walk on. The native Australian fauna were soft-footed and did not break up this fragile carpet.
Then humans arrived. The aborigines used fire to burn the land when hunting.
The Europeans brought hard-hoofed animals that broke up and destroyed the ground cover, allowing the precious moisture to evaporate wastefully.
They brought plants that were unadapted to Australian conditions.
They brought those damned rabbits, cane toads, and on and on -- never considering the ultimate effects of their thoughtlessness.

How human !!

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