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It's began, gitcher guns, thar a comin' fer us!! Now available: Conspiracy Primer and Revolution Fer Dummies Manual.

The BLM has tucked their tail between their legs and run for cover.

That's exactly how the RWingnuts described it at Greta's. Then something about Harry Reid and the Chinese want the land for a giant mirror solar display and a former Reid aid, now head of the BLM, has had something to do with this.

I was all: Militia wingnuts from across the nation wanted a second amendment rumble (aka bunker-style rave party?) with the federal government and the adults with cooler heads and thinking deescalated the situation. Calm-down wingnuts. Hmm

The good news is that fewer truck nutz are being sited in Nevada now that the militia wingnuts have gone back home.
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