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Can it be done within the structures and limitations of our laws? And, at what cost? Yes, I think that their behavior is criminal, but do I want the lives of law enforcement personnel put at risk trying to bring them to justice? At what point do they move past being an "annoyance" and pest to a real threat? I think they are close, now, but what are the implications of action? Ruby Ridge and Waco are lessons of just how volatile these personalities are and how difficult they are to bring to heel.

--Which is exactly why the order to stand down went out to BLM and law enforcement. No way in Hell were they going to make the mistake of martyring Mr. Bundy and his "Malicious-men".

I do not honestly know if President Obama was directly consulted about this at any point, nor do I believe it's important if he was, or wasn't.
But if he was, this is just another example of chess versus checkers.

If he wasn't, someone else further down the totem pole has been watching him (or someone like him) play chess and decided that chess was indeed the way to play this out.

Game ain't over yet!
Bundy et all just think it is.
How very foolish of them, but it's to be expected.
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