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Ma, are you completely oblivious to the disconnect between your position on this and, say, voter ID? The only consistent thread I see is, "what's good for my party?" If one believes in "law and order" and "respect for the rule of law", or purports to, one cannot support Bundy and his clansmen and kith. This was not some "popular uprising", this was a gathering of the fringe. This was not some arbitrary enforcemet of government privilege, this was armed robbery by a group of thugs with guns - and not by the BLM, who have law, right, and reason on their side. I am looking forward to his criminal trial and incarceration.

Maybe I am sympathetic toward this, but that was not what my post was meant for. I mean, if somebody can get an easement against new construction because it will block their view, then this guy deserves to use the land that he has been using since 1877. Also, since the Fed has eliminated private or state ownership of almost 90% of the land in NV, it would seem a pretty good idea to allow land use that actually contributes to the economy.

The Fed comes in and instead of arresting the farmer, they blockade the farmer from his cattle? Give me a break! Once again, the Federal Government has to get in touch with its inner 1984 mentality. If the guy is arrested and tried, and convicted then he deserves what he gets. I do predict that the trial will be moved out of state and that the jury will contain none of his peers because if you put a single NV cattle rancher on that jury it would end, at best, as hung.

Ma~One, if he uses the land, then he should pay the range fee, like all the other ranchers. He has not in over 20 years. Then like any landlord, the US government moved to have him evicted. It was done in a lawful manor, and ruled upon by the court. Two, he then refused to leave, and made it a criminal action. Three, when confronted by government officials sworn to carry out a lawful decision and action, he then drew arms against said officials and threatened deadly force. He then allowed other people to join him in this action. It was no different than any gang that threatened law enforcement. Four, If Bundy is causing the deterioration of public(not his own land, since he neither purchased it, paid taxes on it or maintains it), then he(and his livestock, and employees) can be lawfully removed from said land.

He may not recognize Federal Authority, but he does not have that right. He lives in the United States of America, and therefore must abide by federal AND State rules-just like everyone else. He does not have special privileges. He is nothing more than a thief and a squatter who has now formed a gang. He is no better than the Crips or the Bloods. He deserves to have his assets(that includes his livestock) confiscated, sold and applied to taxes and fees owed for using land that does NOT belong to him. In addition, he should be arrested and jailed for threatening government officials. He had his day in court about the land use and lost. It wasn't like the Feds came in willy nilly and just blocked him. He had been told several times to take his cattle and leave. He refused. HE is totally in the wrong.
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