...it turns out that there was a similar case to this Clive Bundy case involving the Colvin Cattle Company of Nevada was resolved in federal court in 2006, during the Bush administration, with a judgement in favor of the Bureau of Land Management. There was no wailing about big government or tyranny then.

Why the difference?

Since the government that Bundy is defying is run by a Democratic chief executive (and a black one at that), RWingnuts have elevated Bundy to hero status with the added the false meme that the nature of the dispute is one that involves environmental issues rather than the failure to pay grazing fees as the law requires.

The National Review has gone off the rails and is featuring an article about sedition. Apparently lawlessness and treason is comforting to RWingnut, in small amounts, of course.

Now, if Clive Bundy were black, gay or poor, the RWingnuts could give a damn.
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