Wow. With all the things we fear, this is the latest attack on our soil. And this revolting malicia (thanks Logtroll) is being defended/applauded by right-wing media hosts. They sure don't match what the right wingers tell us we should fear and loathe.

From what I saw, they are uniformly white. What's to fear from white Americans?

The Bundys are native-born Americans, been here for generations, and I bet the same is true for the malicia. At any rate, there have been no reports of involvement by those illegal aliens and recent immigrants we're supposed to fear.

I'm pretty sure the gay community is not well represented. We're really afraid of them, aren't we?

The malicia has God on its side. Somehow. No, that can't be. Three times in the New Testament, Jesus is reported as saying, basically, Give Caesar what's his and give God what's his. (Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25) And if that wasn't clear enough, Romans 13:7 spells it out clearly, "Render therfore to all their dues, tribute to whom tribute is due, custome to whome custome, feare to whome feare, honour to whom honour. (King James Version)

Holy Crap! They aren't Christians! They are terrorists deeply embedded in the cowboy community. They have been biding their time, waiting for the unsuspecting government to stumble into their trap.

It just seems so weird that they are exercising the rights given by the very government that they want to tear down. Since they don't follow the teachings of Jesus, and they hate this government, maybe they could ask themselves, "What would Putin do?" The right wing REALLY seems to admire him.
Just a Missouri school teacher ... stubborn as a mule and addicted to logic.