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I am wondering if the posts of factual information about the Bundy Rebellion have influenced MaR's sympathies at all? Hmm

I have an instinctual distrust of the government, especially a government that sends armed soldiers against its population. One can be sympathetic and still see right from wrong. As I stated before, Bundy should have been arrested and dragged before a judge. I am also pretty sure that the Federal government shouldn't own 90% of any state's property.

I am encouraged to see the people take a stand and discouraged to see the Fed insert armed "agents" into a civil disobedience dispute. There is a lot of wrong to spread around in this situation and the only good thing that happened was that the BLM took their people out before somebody got hurt. There are times in history when the people have to take a stand against the natural urge of the central government to abuse its power in the name of subduing the populous. This time clearer heads prevailed, the next time, or the time after, they may not. As was proven at Ruby Ridge, human nature is unpredictable, on both sides of the line.

I repeat, arrest him, put him on trial and send him to jail. Get a court order to confiscate his property for past due grazing fees and act like the authority and not a gang of thugs who is willing to maim and kill to achieve its goals.

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