Just to be a little more clear on the land ownership issue

The land in question used to belong to Mexico.

But we fought a war with Mexico and the us gov
The fed gov expended resources to fight this war
Soldiers from all over the nation fought And died in this war
At the time there were no states or counties in this area

So at what point did this land that we spent fought and died for become state or county property

Also. I am curious to learn why it is that the gov does not continue to own 99% of states like California that were similarly acquired. Enormous amounts of good land has been transitioned from public to private ownership. People certainly could have homesteaded on this rich land as they did elsewhere. The question being. Why the apparent lack of interest in this land.

Also I note that the bundy actually own a ranch that is their own land. If the us gov is keeping all this land for themselves. How did this privately owned ranch come into existence. .
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