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So you are saying that the statehood of Nevada is a fiction and they shoulld return to being a territory. Or are you saying that the fed should transfer all property to the state of Nevada. Perhaps Nevada can buy this land from the Feds. Probably the citizens of Nevada will pay higher taxes to buy the land so bundy can graze for free

You still did not identify the mechanism by which us gov should divest itself of this land. Land which we paid for with a war

Nor did you clarify why other states that started out like Nevada transition to largely private ownership. What is so specially different in the case of Nevada

As can be seen from the link below, land ownership in the West is dominated by the Fed. In reality I don't care how to transition it to state management, but it should belong to the state and the state should be able to decide how the land is used inside their borders.

Take a look at the link and look at the percentage of fed land.

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