Logtroll explained:
I gave you a link to the BLM Law Enforcement page. Are you saying that the activities described therein are not legitimate law enforcement activities? So the BLM should not have a law enforcement contingent? (Hint: one of the things they do is catch wetbacks, don't you want them to catch wetbacks?) All of the things they do are LAW ENFORCEMENT!! Are you against law enforcement? (Hint: if you are not for law enforcement, you may be a criminal. You may be convicted of a felony if you do something like threaten law enforcement officials with guns in an attempt to prevent them from enforcing the law, then you won't be able to vote, which is the ultimate political act, which you profess to love so much (politics, that is) so you better not mess with law enforcement, or you may become impotent to legitimately act against your government that you hate so very, very much because it enforces the laws).

Nice explanation/rant. ThumbsUp

If you don't like law enforcement, try getting help from some militia types ... or your neighborhood skinheads. Kind of depends on how really really right you feel.
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