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So perhaps Mr. Bundy is simply the product of social conditioning that he had experienced

Yes, according to Lieutenant Cable.

(I sense an Ardy treasure hunt... where could that sly logician be going with this?)

I do not have a planned end game. Just trying to find the perhaps less obvious implications of the known facts

For instance. Consider mr bundy and whether he is a racist. IMO he sincerely feels that he is not a racist but has been misunderstood

Is he sincere or perhaps he is a conscious racist who is openly lying. From what I can tell he seems sincere however misguided As may equally well be the case with many other people who appear racist and who emphatically deny that they are racist.

In Bundys case there is a clear causal rationale for how he might have acquired his racial views through his religion. He would have been surrounded by people with similar points of view. And so ultimately he would have been exposed to enormous social conditioning. In which case it would make sense that he would have these views while not thinking him self to be a racist.

If you look at what Bunde said regarding race. It actually does not make a whole lot of sense except as a collection of clichés preconceptions and assumptions from the outside that is relatively clear. But from Mr. Bundy perspective. He feels his thought process to be perfectly normal and rational. Common sense really.

This same line of logical analysis can be applied to Mr. Bundy other pontifications. Does it make sense that he would ride around on his horse carrying an American flag well at the same time making clear that he rejects the authority of the federal government whose flag he carries. It is kind of ludicrous isn't it. But it makes sense to him.

And within that context I speculate that he has been in a social environment that has fundamentally conditioned him to certain lines of thinking just as is the case with his views on race

People become conditioned to the inherent truth of certain clichés this happens to all of us not just the Bundys of the world.

This happens with liberal thought processes. And has happened for quite some time. And is in Part what conservatives instinctively object to about liberals and their memes.

I accept that critique of liberal thought as having validity. However liberal memes have been extensively critiqued over the period of time starting with Ronald Reagan and in my opinion the threat from on examined thinking in our nation at the current time comes from conservative memes

And this is what I find so profoundly disturbing about propaganda coming from Fox news from Hannity from beck. From Limbaugh. And ultimately from the Koch brothers The danger is not about any particular policy discussion. In my opinion the danger come from the persistent conditioning of the American public. The impact of these unexamined memes will indoor for a very long time.

However nonsensical Mr. Bundy is. There is no denying that his pronouncements struck a chord among many conservatives. This is because IMO. The memes that he was spouting have been commonly accepted by a large portion of the public. Memes like fundamental resentment of the federal government. The meme that the federal government operates a giant police state to deprive citizens of their rights and freedoms. The meme about how we live in a welfare state and that this enslaves us to the state.

There are many more such conservative memes evident in bundys ramblings. It is unnecessary for me to list them all

The point being that these memes have now been absorbed as fundament truth by a whole lot of people. These ideas are not open for discussion or examination. You cannot anymore discuss the basis of federal land ownership. The accepted truth is that it is unconstitutional. It is fundamentally wrong and simply not open for discussion

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