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For instance. Consider mr bundy and whether he is a racist. IMO he sincerely feels that he is not a racist but has been misunderstood

Racists never feel they deserve the label. However, they do, absolutely.

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From what I can tell he seems sincere however misguided As may equally well be the case with many other people who appear racist and who emphatically deny that they are racist.

In Bundys case there is a clear causal rationale for how he might have acquired his racial views through his religion. He would have been surrounded by people with similar points of view. And so ultimately he would have been exposed to enormous social conditioning. In which case it would make sense that he would have these views while not thinking him self to be a racist.

Social conditioning is no excuse for institutional racism

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In my opinion the danger come from the persistent conditioning of the American public. The impact of these unexamined memes will indoor for a very long time.

Goebbels would be proud of the conditioning that RWing nut media figures have on their audience.

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There is no denying that his pronouncements struck a chord among many conservatives.

Apples don't fall far trees.

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The memes that he was spouting have been commonly accepted by a large portion of the public. Memes like fundamental resentment of the federal government. The meme that the federal government operates a giant police state to deprive citizens of their rights and freedoms. The meme about how we live in a welfare state and that this enslaves us to the state.

Conservative social conditioning.
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