My thoughts on social conditioning were not intended to accept or excuse racism

My aim was to better understand what is going on since in my experience problems that are misunderstood result in misdirected solutions

Propsing bundy as a hatefull bigot allows his supporters to still champion his other ideas and say that his bigotry is coincidental. Also many people will see this guy and think that he does not seem hateful. And therefore he is not a hateful bigot but a man incapable of maintaining a political correct veneer. But still an admirable patriot never the less.

And IMO this is a more general problem with racists. They genuinely do not feel themselves to be. Racist. They consider themselves as victims of liberal suppression of free speech. Increasing accusations of hatefulness does not reduce the problem. A problem of which they themselves are in deep denial.

IMO the problem is not so much this bundy and his ilk are racists. The problem is that they are not aware that they are racists.

When I look closely at bundys comments.
I see a man who is saying something that is grossly insensitive
Offensive as his comments are they Are not really filled with race hate

Instead it seems to me to map on to conservative memes bout the corrosive nature of the welfare state

Of course his free cattle grazing is an expedient benefit of his hatred of big government and his views are internally inconsistent on many levels but at his core I see him as a person who has bought into the whole john birch meme about over reaching federal government.

It also just happens that this smaller government meme happens to carry with it great benefits for idealists like the Koch brothers. The same way that bundy just happens to get free grazing by rejecting gov ownership of the land

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