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"...but when they have the stereotypical inner city black persona going on, I am pretty uncomfortable.

I am of the opinion that my discomfort is due more to culturalism than to racism.

Is it the same thing? I don't know."

---Depends on their actions.
Unlike you I've spent decades living in "hoods" of every variety known to modern America.

Even in the worst places I've managed to find bright spots and the funniest part is, it was the same inner city thug patois jangling in my ear.

It all boiled down to education and upbringing. To the uninitiated it would definitely be hard to spot the difference but the takeaway from all of that is the fact that in all my eighteen years in Venice and Culver City (both heavy duty gang areas immortalized at the time in the gang movie "Colors") I never got robbed, shot or even beat up a single time.

And I'm most definitely a white guy.
And during that period I was also a coke addict...WITH MONEY.

I DID get shot at however. Once by a CB radio toting angry white guy, missed my gut by (according to eyewitnesses) less than two inches and twice while filming the L.A. Riots downtown in 1992.
(Both rounds hit my camera but would have hit my head if not for the camera being there)

Lack of education, crappy upbringing, no family core, no opportunities, no hope and no future combine to create a person who would just as soon shoot at you as look at you, just as soon rob you for five bucks like it's nothing.

Thus I would never expect someone with your background to be able to tell the difference so I hesitate to automatically equate your natural instinct for self-preservation with racism.
I can only tell you what I learned from my own experiences.

People tend to doubt me when I talk about this stuff, and I guess they're free to do so but all I know is, I don't feel compelled to be anyone but who I am around people in that group. For some reason they don't seem as put off by me and who and what I am as one might expect vice versa.

My eyes and ears are well tuned to spot sham, scam and criminal intent in any language, street or otherwise.

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