To some degree I think that bundys position is misunderstood. Granted this derives from his own words.

As in understand it
He does not reject the national HIV in totality. Just in its gross over reach. So he thinks the federal gov has no standing regarding administration of that he views as local or state matter. So in that sense he rejects and does not recognize gov authority

I do not agree. But think that we should strive to accurately represent the ideas that are being proposed.

These views fit nicely within standard john birch memes about states rights anvd radically limited federal government whose power extends only to things explicitly enumerated in the construction

This view of the situation shifts bundy from being an idiosyncratic dead beat and places him within mainstream john birch memes. Which then also explains why he quickly gained so much support. The people supporting him resonated with what he was saying because they have also bought into the same memes about government over reach and strictly enumerated federal powers and states rights

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