IMO gasoline availability would be a leading indicator of economic collapse. Which is to say that in order for gasoline to be available
There would have to be some modicum of a functioning economy

Alternatively. In a total collapse scenario
Gasoline might only be. Available near a refinery even assuming the refinery could somehow continue to operate during a catastrophic collapse and chaos.

Anyway. If there is gasoline available then the system will be functions well enough that takers will stay in their cities

If gasoline is not available and there is chaotic collapse. I just do not see city dwellers heading out from their cities into the countryside looking to forage.

The country is no longer composed of little farmsteads and their larders of self produced food. The people in the country mostly operate mono culture agriculture and buy the I food at the supermarket just like in the city.

And even suppose there are some survivalists who have long term food supplies to last them a year or so. Then what? Living off the land is very challenging. Even survivalists will find big holes in required skill sets.

Films like waterworld or mad max are elaborate fantasies. Total economic collapse will be much less colorful. And overall something that I would prefer to avoid by most any political arrangement.
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