There is absolutely no difference between Cliven Bundy and his little band of merry men and a warlord in Waziristan, a pseudo-nation attached to Pakistan which only answered to the authority of Osama bin Laden.

Thus Cliven Bundy IS the domestic equivalent of Osama bin Laden and his militia leaders are modern day warlords, in the United States of America, in 2014.

Like I said, they will screw up.
Actually I may have used saltier language but you get the idea.
They're either going to try to detain the wrong person or persons, and it will become their worst nightmare, or they're going to shoot an innocent person, also their worst nightmare.

What do they dream of? Their dream is for big bad gubmint to descend upon them guns blazing, because then they can all become martyrs, which would cause their support from other equally deranged nutjobs to rise exponentially.

What do they fear? Spilling innocent blood because they know that the moment they do (and they WILL, mark my words) the government will have every reason to DO JUST THAT, and turn their little fiefdom into the domestic equivalent of the Iraq Highway of Death.
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