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There is absolutely no difference between Cliven Bundy and his little band of merry men and a warlord in Waziristan
A warlord is a person with power who has both military and civil[1] control over a subnational area due to armed forces loyal to the warlord and not to a central authority. The term can also mean one who espouses the ideal that war is necessary, and has the means and authority to engage in war. Today, the word has a strong connotation that the person exercises far more power than their official title or rank legitimately permits. Under feudalism, by contrast, the local military leader may enjoy great autonomy and a personal army, and still derive legitimacy from formal fealty to a central authority.

Not that I expect these idjits to understand the ramifications of their actions, but they are so far from "patriots" that it is like the term "moderate Republican." This is nothing but a criminal conspiracy, and has (apparently) involved armed assault on civilians. Not sure when, but I suspect they will wait them out, let them run out of money and patience, and arrest them quietly when they get home. I expect there will be many prosecutions.
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