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Bundy did not select the militia. Nor does he lead them.

Sorry but the evidence says otherwise.

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I have never seen bundy carry a gun. And as I understand it he asked the militia to stop carrying around their rifles.

Generals don't carry automatic weapons either. In fact in modern times they don't even have their personal sidearms on them.
Why would Bundy need to carry when his entire insurgent army is at his disposal?

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IMO the malicia there are not evil people. They are people that are living in a fantasy. They have a highly distorted perception of reality

That is the kind of rationalization that we heard from the Germans after the camps were discovered. Turns out a lot more Germans knew about them than they claimed. And they stood by, and said nothing.

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Which is not to say they might not be dangerous. But at this point IMO they are mostly deluded. And IMO the problem is not so much these individuals. Or their gang. The problem is the self reinforcing subculture that nurtures these delusions. And IMO that is the essence of the problem that is glossed over in demonizing this particular group of individuals

The very most dangerous people down through history are those who perpetrate tremendous evil while working under an egregious delusion.

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Sorry but this is a pernicious form of apologetics which I find disturbing.

These are warlords, plain and simple.
They ain't regular army, they don't recognize the government, and they ain't sworn law enforcement, but they function as a bit of both, minus the authority.

In Nicaragua similar groups functioned as death squads, cleaning out anyone who didn't agree with them.

Given enough time and a little more agitprop, I wager we can count on seeing these tin soldiers becoming a whole lot more brazen.

Ardy, I appreciate it when anyone wishes to put a cooler headed analysis on a tough situation but sometimes there's just no place to go.
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