In my opinion the perps are a tiny fraction of the problem
They want to exercise leadership and I wonder if we are playing into their hands by treating them as leaders

Most of the illegality is of a nature where shooting and or forcible arrest is not really required to achieve an. objective. You can serve a warrant or charge someone you don't have to even arrest them. Give them a date to show up in court if they don't show up well you can Arestin at any time in the future six months to year two years from now you can have local law enforcement handle some of this like the illegal checkpoints this approach avoids we sentiment against the federal government. Just pick off these people one person at a time there is no particular rush is there

In the mean time I guess my point is that part of this whole charade has to do with public relations propaganda etc. and things work out better on that front if everything is handled in a scrupulously correct and appropriate way

From my perspective what I perceive from the postings on this thread is a simmering anger and these yahoos and in my opinion they deserve that. But unfortunately that sort of emotional reaction is exactly what they want. They want to provoke a over the top reaction that will demonstrate their thesis of a authoritarian nightmare government is out of control the way to defeat this strategy is to be boringly correct and in offensive.

They oppose the central government and want more power for the state and local authorities so take away the federal bogeyman. Force them to confront their violation of local laws and local authorities

If the federal government needs to act in this matter maybe they can focus on civil penalties like freezing bank accounts etc. after all that is a strategy that the government uses against Middle Eastern terrorists isn't it

Why do we need to be sucked into playing their game of provocation and confrontation give them a little Mohamed Ali rope a dope
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