In recent time, terrorist cliques like Al-Qaeda and its many sub-groups seem to follow a certain cycle.
They take the reins of power by violence while preaching a revolutionary message that sounds like an appeal to get back to basic fundamentals.

That "sounds sexy" over here, sounds inspiring over there.
Everyone likes to believe that they harbor a desire to get back to basics.
Here it seems to be Mom, Apple Pie, the Constitution. There it's good old fashioned Islam, "like our grandpappies practiced it".
Okay at any rate it most likely SOUNDS like that to the public.

So, the public accepts the little bit of broken plaster and a few bodies, thinking it's a healthy catharsis and they welcome the group over the seemingly corrupt government.
The message has credibility, even if it's only because our Ugly American approach is severely LACKING in its Westernized clumsiness.
And besides, it's Islam and you don't dare criticize ANYONE who claims to be acting under authority of Islam.

But bit by bit these groups tighten the reins and become more and more extremist and more violent.
Instead of relaxing after taking power, it seems to become a red meat addiction, they become addicted to blood and carnage, narrowing the definition of who is a true believer more and more.

Finally the public has had enough, and they eventually drive them out. Most times it takes the military but so far Al-Qaeda has failed to show long term staying power almost anywhere.
Not that it matters, their disruption is often good enough for their purposes.

Here however, I seriously doubt the American people would have stomach to tolerate very much domestic bloodshed of innocents, but I do believe in my heart of hearts that that is what it will take to turn the tide and I do believe that is where this is headed.

I honestly and seriously believe that groups like these WILL INDEED take over the reins of power in some small way and they will start killing.

And at that point the overwhelming majority of Americans will DEMAND action, swift and terrible, and final.

Any action PRIOR to the spilling of innocent blood will be playing right into their hands, and it will glorify them and make them martyrs and recruiting tools.

Sorry, we have to let the infection metastatize and spread some first. The boil has to come to a head before it can be lanced.
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