According to the L.A. Times, Bundy’s son Aamon was attending a rally over Recapture Canyon on Saturday when San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman suggested the brave patriots ride their ATVs into the canyon, but avoid the restricted areas of sacred Navajo burial grounds. The response? Aww HELL no!

Many in the crowd booed. Wielding a pocket-sized Constitution, Bundy said that the land belonged to San Juan County residents and that they had a right to ride it.

One man said: “Rosa Parks didn’t have a case until she sat in the front of the bus.” Another added: “The BLM has guns and mace and Tasers and shackles, but we’ve got guns too!

It's getting really annoying that this Sagebrush Guy Fawkes Cliven guy and his malitias minions are distracting us good folks from BENGHAZI!!111!!!!!1!
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