I don't believe Maureen Dowd's story about overdosing on edible marijuana. I mean, this overdose sure gave her story a different twist. She got to be the subject of her own story. Other reporters cast the spotlight on the market, the marketers, and/or the consumers, she kept the spotlight on herself and her so called overdose.

What is unbelievable? Well, she supposedly used it before, but couldn't roll a joint and didn't think of buying one of those little glass one-hit thingies.

Also, I thought reporters were supposed to be good listeners. She was given lots of information and warnings before she decided to indulge.

She didn't mention if she had been drinking alone in her motel room before she decided to scarf a 16-serving medicinal candy bar. Maybe she did just eat one serving and then got the munchies and couldn't resist having more, which gave her worse munchies, etc. Most people like to have a friend or two around when they do recreational drugs. A friend could have told her, "No, you're still alive, I can see you breathing." Partying alone makes her story kind of sad.

It's also unbelievable because my researchers tell me that edibles are more of a body high than a brain high ... lots of relaxing. I can't find anybody who EVER hallucinated on pot. And I know people who definitely tried to overdose.

I think she's anti-pot and wanted to write something really scary. Maybe she needs another award.
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