The first recreational drug I ever tried was E when I was 27. A few years later, I tried pot - just to try it. The thing is, is that I was trying to replicate the feeling I had on E with pot, and it's just not the same thing.

My friend Crystal blew the pot into my mouth, and I held it and exhaled. I didn't feel anything. Crystal and I did it again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. Again. Again. Finally Crystal was getting really high, me nothing.

Then suddenly of those different tries all came on at once. Whoa! crazy

Crystal and I walked to a bar and we were not there very long and had to leave the bar because I couldn't stop laughing. She came down and wanted to go home. I was still feeling residual. I was living in Berkeley at the time and drove from Walnut Creek to Berkeley, and it felt like the white stripes in the road were about three feet off of the ground and guiding my truck so I could drive safely.

This experimentation occurred at night and it was the first time, and the only time, in my life, that I could see both sides of the freeway while looking straight ahead instead of having to move my eyes.

My vision expanded so that I could see both my left and right peripheral vision at one time. It was actually pretty cool.
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