Can you imagine what his mental outlook will be if the Democrats sweep both houses of Congress?
If it's this bad right now, imagine how he's going to feel if he is hemmed in by liberal majorities in the House and Senate.
Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and its aspiring emperor, will not stand for it.

MY OWN personal wager is, if that Democrat sweep happens, and it looks increasingly like it just might, that plus the looming spectre of a fully fleshed out Mueller investigation will make an escape look very tempting for the former reality show star, because those are two realities he is not equipped to deal with.
Where would he go?
Well, we already have a couple of hints.

Steven Seagal, a former B-movie martial arts icon and wannabe lawman, was squirming under the weight of several accusations of sexual assault and a couple of reports of miscarriage of justice under color of authority. He fled to a place where he and his black pajama clad visage is worshipped: RUSSIA.

Vladimir Putin instantly awarded Seagal with Russian citizenship, and Seagal hasn't returned stateside since. Just the threat of the #metoo movement alone is probably more than enough to keep him in a culture where beating your wife or girlfriend is a sign of deep and abiding love.

Mr. Trump is also heavily indebted to Russian banks and banks which are heavily leveraged to Russian finance. No US bank will loan him money, so the bright lights of Moscow must look very tempting to our 45th Chief Executive right now.
He could climb aboard his own Trump 747 and disappear into the clouds, and emerge a week or two later with a brand new image, Russian hero, Special Consul to Vladimir Putin, and the new image of entrepreneurship in Russia.
Why, even Trump Steaks might suddenly make a blazing comeback.
And think of the course offerings he could make available in a rebooted Trump University, St. Petersburg campus.
55 Savushkina Street would be renamed in his honor.

And the world would have two brand new James Bond villains.

"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD