I don't think so. I doubt he can remember to say "I don't remember." for two whole hours. And he feels fully justified in everything he's done, always. Remember? No regrets, with regard to asking God for forgiveness. So I would not be at all surprised if he volunteers all sorts of incriminating things under oath. He's certainly done it before on national TV.

How do prosecutors deal with witnesses who are so demented or stupid they insist on bragging about the things they have done, though quite illegal? In my experience, they just let them incriminate themselves and then charge them.

People have a very vague sense of the law. For example my neighbor had four dogs run away through an open gate. The owner tracked down somebody who found one of them within a couple of days and they told her she was too late because they had already sold the dog. Finding anything and keeping or selling it without trying to find the owner is a crime! But they seemed to think "Finders keepers" was the law. These are $4000 purebreds!