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i predict (and it doesn't take a genius for this) nothing will be done
SADLY, I concur. This argument is not about causality. It is not about policy. It is not about rationality. It is about fear. Not even rational fear.

The Gun Lobby wants people to fear something that has never happened, and is unlikely to happen. It is not something even being asked for. They have one job, and that is to sell guns. If people are not afraid, they don't buy guns. Statistically, fewer people in America are less afraid, and thus gun sales are to fewer and fewer really afraid Americans.

Rational people are afraid, too. They are afraid of real things that are happening to real people, and they want to do something about it. The proposals are modest: Bump Stocks - should be illegal, but not interpreted that way. Las Vegas demonstrated that in spades. Background checks are not reliable - Sandy Hook and Parkland demonstrated that. Armed officers are not sufficient - every incident has demonstrated that.

What is effective is strict gun regulation. Everyone knows that. Especially the gun lobby. That strikes the fear of god into their puny little hearts.
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