The number of Americans buying guns has fallen dramatically over the last few decades, despite sales spiking over the last decade (when that black fellow was in office). It appears, however, that we've reached a saturation point. Gun manufacturers are in trouble.

Remington has filed for bankruptcy. Smith and Wesson sales are off 40%, and stock prices have tanked (down 50% in a month). Smith & Wesson Gun Sales Are in Free Fall. It's true across the board: Gun stocks slammed as companies and funds distance themselves from industry.

After Dick’s, Only One Major Retailer Is Still Selling Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles.

In 2006, Walmart stopped selling guns at roughly one-third of its stores, citing “diminished customer relevancy.”
Walmart actually stopped selling assault weapons in 2015

The NRA's gravy train is reaching is terminal. Even the gun lobby's main lobbying group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is losing steam. Maybe we're turning a corner?
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