Not sure these stats are good indicators or predictors.

For instance ... NICS checks are up, which suggests either more new guns are sold or more old guns are traded/sold between people. So S&W sales are down, but if you notice gun sales always go down when a Republican is elected (the NRA has sold the paranoid the delusion Pres Obama is still going to get their guns) or H&K or Glock are selling more guns.

If fear is a driving force for the paranoia of conservative gun owners, then I would expect them to continue buying even if they have 20 guns (one for each finger and toe). Consider that 50% of guns owned are owned by just 3% of people. Will that 3% continue to support the gun industry? These folks live in extreme fear the evil empire is after them, so my conclusion is yes.

However we may have reached an inflection point suggested by your stats i.e. the market may be driving the direction of the discussion.

I am a lot hesitant about declaring a victory when only one battle has been fought. I need to see substantive legislation and some good stats for a couple of years before I can check the rear view mirror and say 2018 was the year in which gun sanity came calling on Americans.
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