There are a couple of technical problems with drilling a shaft, not the least of which is figuring out where to drill it. Hitting a small target deep underground is extremely difficult. What if they miss? Months of effort can be lost. I suspect they'll start with air/communication shafts.

I'm a scuba diver. Let me clarify: I'm a recreational diver. I don't dive caves because they are extremely dangerous and scary as hell. The professional divers who reached the team had to dig out the tunnels to fit through. There is zero visibility, and currents. They had to leave guidelines behind to avoid getting lost. I have a hard time imagining an 11-year-old attempting it.

And yes, the cave was dry when they entered, and it was a month before monsoon season, so they weren't expecting rain. The caves flooded behind them. It is now monsoon season.
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