One of the main goals, of the far right, is to turn all government physical assets into for profit corporate entities, ie. 'privatize'. This includes stuff like national parks, our hiway system, all dams, public schools, you know, ALL assets! The current Trump administration has either started on these or has plans. The fix for our infrastructure, for instance, is to, basically give our entire highway system to private industry to fix. Once fixed they basically own it and can charge what they want for use. There hasn't been a lot, on TV, about this one. Here are a couple of links for you to get started.

When it comes to education he has DeVos doing her level best to destroy public education in favor of a for profit educational system. For this one just google "privatization of public schools". This is, incidentally, ongoing. They are working, very hard, to get it done in Michigan right now.

They are also going after the VA healthcare system. This has been going on for over a year now and has resulted in a VA that is in constant turmoil with constantly changing rules and regulations and cutbacks, etc. You can google "VA privatization" to learn about this one. The strange thing is that the administration appointments to the VA are strenuously denying that is their goal but their actions, I think, speak louder than their words. Veteran's organizations are flat out against privatization, incidentally.

I find it interesting that this administration has, with the so called "tax cut" given the top 5% a 1 trillion dollar tax break. This is on top of the corporate tax breaks. They are paying for this by cutting medicare by 100 billion annually for 10 years. They are doing the same to medicaid but are cutting 1 trillion over 10 years from that one. This is, incidentally, privatization of our entire health care system. All this stuff is public and you can research it yourself. Medicare, at the current rate cut will be broke in less than 8 years (no more medicare!)

As far as I can tell the current administration has added something like 1.2 TRILLION dollars to our debt and is waging a trade war with, literally, the entire rest of the world. The only question about yet another Republican economic downturn is not whether its going to come but when its going to come. The last Bush administration came very close to taking it all down, now we have the jackass who is working, very hard, to do the same thing.