I think that everybody now knows that gov has a serious problem with immigrant parents and their children. For all the talk of legal and illegal immigrants it turns out that they are ALL treated the same way. If they have children with them ICE takes them away. This too is now understood. What is not understood is that they stopped anypaperwork a long time ago and have reunited all parents and children who were split up and paperwork was done. Apparently they stopped all that paperwork thing a long time ago so, now, they have no idea who is a parent, who is a child of what parent, where the children have been sent and, basically, what is going on.

What bothers me is that I have yet to hear anybody actually point out just how incompetently the whole thing has been mismanaged. I would have thought, given that this is the star cause of the jackass, that somebody in charge would have at least tried to document what they were doing, even the Nazis of WWII did that! Now, however, the jackass. Nope, in fact there are several instances wherein the ICE guy in charge not only took the children away but told the parents their children would be put up for adoption and they would never see the child again until it was 18 years old! (really!)

We have now actually deported parents of children being held. Nobody in the jackass administration talks to anybody else in the jackass administration and this is one of the result. Now a judge has ordered gov to find the parents and re-unite them. The simple fact that there is no paperwork has gov now resorting to running DNA tests on everybody then matching them up. The only real problem with that one is that gov apparently has no idea where they have sent the children or where the parents either released or deport even are. This is even more interesting in that the jackass tells us how dangerous these enemies are but has no idea where they are!

I have said it before but, there is going to be an attorney who will figure out how to sue over all this stuff and its going to cost us, the taxpayers, big bucks before this mess gets straightened.

I suspect, that in about 5 years, this mess will be re-visited and it will go down, in the history books, as one of the worst things OUR government has ever done, not only morally but because of the apparent total lack of competence. What amazes me is that the members of the Republican party, are displaying a complete lack of morals, integrity, honesty, etc. Once it is all done, and it gets revisited, I really don't know how they can survive and look their own children in the eyes. These people are responsible, through their support, of something that, literally, boggles the imagination. I don't think anybody ever thought they would be guilty of this stuff.

Then there is ICE. There are calls to get rid of ICE. I would suggest that ICE probably needs to be re-organized but its unlikely to go away. I am also not even a vague fan of that organization. I think that those opposed stop the get rid of ICE and start procedures to deal with what they have been doing and not only them but those in charge of the children too. There was a recent case, now verified, where an a18 year old child did not have its clothes changed or body washed in 2 freaking months! There are also the ICE members who bravely stated they know where and who everybody is. Those jerks too need to be taken down for, if nothing else, being liars and incompetents. I think that if the anti ICE folks were actually serious they would be yelling, right now, for investigations into the methods, incompetence, and victimization of children. If we could do it to the Nazis, after WWII, there is absolutely no reason why we can't do it to folks getting paid by our tax dollars. As far as I know we do not offer a pass to folks who behave this way.

Just saying.................