Toll rate setting and process
The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) works with WSDOT and the public to establish toll rates for all highways and bridges in Washington state. The WSTC begins each toll setting process with the advice of the Governorís appointed Tacoma Narrows Bridge Citizen Advisory Committee . The WSTC reviews traffic and revenue each year to determine whether new toll rates are needed to cover operational costs and debt payments. This review process starts in the fall and, if new rates are adopted, they are in effect the following July. Learn more about toll rate setting process .
Tacoma Narrows Bridge There are links to the Statutes and Policies. There are two current openings on the Citizen Advisory Committee, but you have to live in the area to apply. (BTW, I do...)

This process, by the way, is the most citizen-oriented one I've seen in public works. Financing of the bridge (like other transportation projects) was done through bonds. I mention this, mostly because I see this as a bit different than "contracting out" operations, especially central government functions, like policing.