Having a million dollars is a VERY good indicator that you made good investment choices in the past. Most people didn't make good choices and don't have a million dollars. When they win the lotto or inherit a big wad of cash, their choices are so bad they are poor again within a few years. The angel rule is there to protect them.

You may actually be able to use the Small Business Innovative Research program. They offer $50K for any government agency to fund an innovative project. With that grant, you have to write a very good business plan that details exactly how your new business would fulfill some agency's need. Agencies are everything from NASA to Department of Agriculture (which is probably the agency you want). The government publishes a big book every year of different agency's needs. You need to get a copy (maybe at a library) and look through it to see what USDA wants. My projects were from NASA to measure astronauts body volumes and USDA to estimate hog body volume using the same 3D computer vision system.

If the agency likes your report, then they can give you $500K to actually start the business! And that's not a loan. You never have to pay either the $50K or $500K back and you still own 100% of the business.