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We are now being told that its likely that the Dems are going to sweep the elections. I don't believe it but hope that is true. If they do I suspect there should be some wish lists for them to accomplish. Hopefully they can legislate rather than fight with one another (another exercise in wishful thinking).

Anyway, here are a couple of my thoughts on that one:
Start taxing the rich to pay the bills beginning with rescinding their last incredibly exorbitant tax decrease.

Institute another Hoover commission, with teeth, to examine and fix gov. Not wholesale get rid of all regulation so much as removing excess regulation, streamlining the bureaucracy, etc.

Put up some constitutional fixes.
Corporations are not single individual and should not be treated or taxed as such.
Money is NOT speech and should not be treated as such

Get the Equal rights amendment passed!

Put rules on the presidency and force congress to do their jobs!

Examine the best of the worldwide healthcare for all nations, pick the best of the best and pass us a universal healthcare that will control the entire healthcare industry just as others are doing right now!

I the above actually occurs then we should have enough money left to actually fix an infrastructure that is melting into the ground. (healthcare alone will save us over a trillion a year and taxing the top 5% should get us another trillion)

Fix a school system that has, approximately, close to a half a year of vacations/holidays/meetings/etc. To assume our school system can compete when our children get no instruction for almost half a year (summer, christmas, easter, etc) is simply nuts.

Start thinking about age restrictions for our elected. The VA sent me to a day long memory exam. This was given by a neurologist with a specialty in brain function. He told me that I was in the upper 10% of my age group. I am aware of how I did and I find it insane that we have elected that are serving at 85 years old! I watched the senator from Utah, on tv, simply forget where he was or what was going on. His staff bravely whispered in his ear what to say and act. It was pretty disgusting.

Pass a truth in political ads, ie. put our name on your ads. The Dems failed to pass this, the Republicans have also tried and failed. Its really time for this.

That is my contribution. I betcha there are a LOT more if you give it any thought at all.

Of all these, health care is probably the most immediate and pressing.
Excellent post.
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