Dear God Man! You've just written out the Democratic Socialists Utopian Wishlist!

Get a grip!

There's a price tag of about $40 Trillion on just a fraction of what you've listed. Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez couldn't explain how she planned to pay for it and neither have you.

Universal Healthcare will not save the government any money. It's horrendously expensive and would require that everyone's taxes go up to pay for it. There aren't enough rich folks to pay everyone's medical bills even if you took every penny they had.

Maybe the Democrats will sweep this election. They may win a majority in the house. It will likely be a small majority, certainly not enough to institute major policy changes.

And Donald Trump will still be president and will veto everything, the Supreme Court will still have a conservative majority and will side with business over people.
Nate Silver gives Democrats one chance in three of taking the Senate. But even if it does it will be by a single seat, again not enough to dominate.

I don't disagree at all that those things(and more) need to be done and I hate to be a spoilsport but really, at best, if we sweep this election all it means is that we will have some control over what Donald Trump does over the next two years. That's it. That's what a Blue Wave will get us.

And the kicker is that if we reach a little too far, too soon, then Republicans will be fired up to take the nation back from the Godless Communists in 2020 and we'll lose any gains we made and have Trump for another four years.

This battle has been raging across the Galaxy for eons and was likely the cause of the BIG BANG which created our universe. Good vs Evil, Yin vs Yang, Greed vs Altruism, Right vs Left, Cowboys vs Indians...
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