First, we pay about a trillion dollars a year than the rest of the industrialized nations on earth. There is a reason for that and it is, basically, greed. Anyway, rather than try and explain it to you I will give you a couple of sites (there are a LOT more if you are really interested):
The trick, I think, is to get control of the entire healthcare system. Obamacare made a run at it which is why the greedy have come out of the woodwork to kill it. Before the attacks, incidentally, costs were starting to trend downwards. Oh, our government, right now, spends almost more than the others with 'socialized' healthcare.

I threw those things out as a wishlist and don't think much of it would be legislated even of the Dems actually had the will. I remember when they tried, and failed, to pass the truth in political ads. Obamacare was REALLY poorly written and left much up to the bureaucracy to fill in (which they did with a will and over regulation).

Remember too, the far left is akin to the far right in that they are willing to sacrifice everything to get EVERYTHING they want rather than negotiate with anybody.

The only real way anything is going to get done is when we have that mythic elected class which understand how its supposed to work. That is when they all are actually willing to sit down and debate/discuss the issues until they can find common ground and then pass that. The main problem with our political party thing is that BOTH tend to extremes and common ground mitigates this. I don't think most want either side to get everything they want unless they are true believers. Right now, for instance, the Christian right has sacrificed everything in an effort to get rid of Roe and turn the United States into the Christian United States of America. If Jackass actually gets thrown out Pence will be quite willing to continue on this course. What I find interesting is that, apparently, the entire Republican party has also gone in this direction. Hopefully it won't happen that that's what they are gunning for. The only good thing about this is that the actual number of Republicans is going down as is, incidentally the Dems too. Independents are very close to having more 'members' than the total membership of BOTH parties!

We will, I think, always have 2 parties, whatever they are called. Remember, the Republicans sprang from the Whigs due to the Whig stance on slavery. I wonder if the same thing might happen over religion as, right now, the Republicans are not so much a party of the right as the party of the Christian right religion. That too, incidentally, has a little problem. I think I have told this one but its pertinent. A friend was a big backer of Right to Life folks. He gave them 20 grand and was at one of their get togethers. He was listening to a couple of other backers talking. One said to the other, "we are getting close to getting rid of Roe, then we are going to have to deal with the Papist Catholics". My friend left and never gave them another dime - he was Catholic (which remains the largest single Christian group in the United States of America).

I also think its interesting that The Republicans tend to get taken over by one group or another. A couple that have made strides in this direction is the Christian Right and the Libertarians. The Democrats, on the other hand, have the left to worry about. I can remember when the Socialist Workers Party (a dedicated, and scary, conglomeration of loons) and the Communists have both made runs on the Democratic party. I am basing this on the simple fact that my wife used to work for the DNC and told me stories. Even though folks might think the Socialists are in there I haven't really seen any real evidence of it. I am not talking about folks that believe in social causes, such as healthcare, libraries, schools, etc. but those who believe that the state needs to own and run ALL means of production (real Socialists).

"Democratic Socialist" has nothing to do with being a Socialist but, I think, being socially responsible and there IS a difference! (and also a really poor phrase all on its own which has resulted in the Republicans being able to claim that the Democrats are "Socialists".