You are determined on this one. However, you are also missing the entire point. The other nations, with single payer, also took over their ENTIRE healthcare industry, lock, stock, and barrel. This is why, for instance, you can goto Canada and buy your drugs at, basically, a 50% discount. Their drug companies are still able to make a REASONABLE profit but no more. Obamacare was headed towards this when it got beat up. Obamacare was also starting to control the curve. Obamacare also regulated the equipment manufacturers who are back on a full rape course.

Consider this, except for Switzerland there are no insurance companies involved. They go away, ALL of them. This is, basically, why Switzerland is at the cost top when it comes to existing healthcare for all countries. Then there are the medical 'bills' - that too goes away and the bills are just costs and those are strictly regulated.

Again, there is a reason why countries with single payer are actually spending, nationally, approximately half of what we are expending right now. Again, the United States government, right now, is spending, percentage wise against their GDP approximately as much as those countries with single payer. The trick, of course, is to use judgement when regulating. The left tends to go a bit overboard in that area.

We can argue this to exhaustion. I think, given what other countries are spending that we could, at least, make a run at it. Remember, our expected life expectancy is actually declining, right now due, we are told because of the failure of our health system. I would prefer living longer, not less, than, say, Canadians? The other stats on our healthcare are just as bad.

if you google "american healthcare against other nations" you will see a lot more of:

Seems crazy not to try what works for other countries given the savings involved. I think our difference is that we are arguing about two different things. You are arguing based on keeping the same, overpriced and failing system. I am suggesting there just might be a better way based on current figures. This is, of course, based on my desire to live well for as long as possible and not live in a country that plays second fiddle to Canada (amongst others)

Oh, I feel the same about our drug policies which is also a trillion dollar mistake. Our really bad decision to get in the middle of the Muslim war that has gone on for over a thousand years! If we can fix those we would be saving another couple of trillion.