We now have the FBI working to get a few facts, insofar as the Kavanaugh appointment is concerned. This was a very long time in coming and absolutely necessary. The TV speculators are running overtime giving us their views on how its all going to turn out - left or right.

We were told, last night that the FBI had already started their investigations (jumped on it quickly). Its generally agreed that in the single week allowed they are going to talk to, literally, hundreds of people and nail down the facts. This is, in other words, their time to shine. The problem, of course, is that Jackass has been working overtime to call everything they do into question so the report is important on all sorts of levels.

My personal fond hope is that they do get the facts so we will know who is telling the truth, who is lying as well as, hopefully, who is pulling at least some of the strings.

The entire Kavanaugh thing was simply amazing. I watched a man, who is a top tier judge, make faces, whine, not answer a single question, and obviously didn't want the FBI involved (joining up with the entire right on this one). What he did do, however, was to explicitly demonstrate that he does not stand neutral but, rather, stands squarely on the far right, along with blaming the Clintons and spectoral 'rich' lefties for all of his problems. What this means to me that any case he sits on, that has any involvement with the left or right (anything involving politics), he must recuse himself. They are also saying that the existing Supremes are not exactly thrilled with his performance either. In other words, regardless of who was lying, I don't think this guy is going to be a judge much longer. His demonstration of this was kinda breathtaking for me. I suspect that any judge witnessing that demonstration of peckish had to make them VERY uncomfortable.

Just saying...............