Let me try again.
Socialism is an economic system all means of production are owned by a society as a whole (the state), meaning the value made belongs to everyone in that society, instead of a group of private owners. People who agree with this type of system are called socialists.

You are mixing up social services with "Socialism" which is a completely different thing! Our government, right now, and for a very long time, has services provided by government. Some of those would be fire departments, police departments, libraries, schools, etc. The simple fact is that the UK, France, Germany, etc. are not socialist countries. They are capitalist. The difference between the United States, and those nations is that they have seen fit to add healthcare to the aforementioned government supplied services.

I also think that the next election is going to reflect support for a universal healthcare. There are just too many people going banko because of the unalterated greed in this area (insurance loss, overcharging, decline in healthcare, rising prices, etc). There remains only one solution and that is to go the way of, basically, the rest of the world. When, for instance, have you heard one of our supposed leaders point out the difference between Healthcare and Police and Fire departments. They all serve the public and a for profit healthcare system is simply crazy from any standpoint I can think of and is, currently a tool of the greedy - nothing more and nothing less.

The real problem, I think, is that we really don't have any leaders willing to step up, carefully explain the options and costs, gather support and deal with our problems. I have, for instance, seen figures that show that money spent to fix infrastructure is well spent and returns multiples of expenditures to the nation yet we would rather use bandages than fix it. If we could somehow get rid of politics based on greed and start paying attention......... When was the last time you heard a so called leader ask why, if we support police and firemen through taxes why the same shouldn't apply to healthcare.

Instead it seems to me that we are allowing TV to rule our lives. I can think of any number of ways to deal with that one. If TV is taking on the mantle of advisor to the nation then, I think, there has to be a way to deal with that. How about forcing tv to assign each show to a classification; ie. speculation, fact, lies, fantasy and pure bullshit. (I know, not gonna happen <sigh>)