That certainly speaks my mind.

But now he's damaged goods. There was a public hearing. It's all on tape. Votes are in, Kavanaugh lost. Most of what the FBI has to go on is the tapes. Experts will be reviewing them, and the experts will come to the same conclusion everyone did. The crime was likely committed. But charges are not being made.

Kav and the Repubs can't believe that a crime this trivial is being blown so far out of proportion. A bit of awkward youthful groping while under the influence of alcohol. It's been happening since monkeys first ate rotten fruit. It's happening this very instant in a million places all over the world. He didn't go on to be a serial rapist and has had a successful career in the judging industry. She advanced in academia and is a well respected college professor. No one's life was ruined.

FBI will consider this aspect too.

That perjury though....if that becomes an issue?

Ya never know these days. Used to be able to run these things through the processor and more or less predict the outcome.
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